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Our latest CD features live recordings of dances we played in May 2007.

Rainy Night in Montague

The Tune List

  1. Log Cabin
  2. The Golden Ticket
  3. The Butlers of Glen Avenue/Morrison's Jig
  4. The Haymakers
  5. Waltz from Boda after Soling Anders
  6. Benton's Dream (recorded live)
  7. The Volunteer
  8. Opera Reel
  9. The Susanbirds of Wendell
  10. Georgia Horseshoe
  11. Midnight on the Water
  12. Rainy Night in Montague (recorded live)

Comments from our fans —

"Thank you so much for Rainy Night. It's gorgeous. It took me until today to get a chance to upload it to iPod because I popped it into the car stereo on my way home and refused to take it out again until I had heard it three or four times through"

Our first CD published in 2002. Still in print, still available!

Sleeping on a Rock

The Tune List

  1. Temperance Reel / Smith's Reel
  2. Joy of My LIfe / Star of Munster
  3. Findeborgen
  4. Blackjack Grove
  5. East Tennessee Blues / Beaumont Rag
  6. Elzick's Farewell / Vladimir's Steamboat
  7. Thompson's Jig / John Mahinney's
  8. Célina / Reel Traditional
  9. Early June / Roscoe / Fiddler's Dream
  10. Killarney Boys of Pleasure
  11. Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
  12. Sleeping on a Rock / Emon Acnuck / Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
  13. Eskimo Reel / Evit Gabriel
  14. Seamus O'Brien
  15. Miss Thornton's / Mason's Apron
  16. Coleman's March